Today I made a decision to practice my english, so I force myself to write the blog in English.

Until last month, I knew that my former mentor in DBS studied abroad when he was young.

Although I forgot what he study or which school he stayed, he totally changed my concept that studying abroad can make more money. Because he is now working for a small company without much salary. When I told this things to Min, she reminded me a proverb that I had already read before but I forgot quickly. She said, “the certification only decide your first job."

In fact, I did not believe this sentence before, because I believe that working in Taiwan or studying in Taiwan are always the wrong choices. But now,  when more and more evidence or examples shown in front of me, I started to doubt my answer.

For example, some of my Facebook friends are now working for a start-up company, or some of them are studying abroad. If I compared those examples before, I would believe that studying abroad is better. However, I do not think so now.

According to my observation, young people who go to work after graduation or make a start-up not because they do not want to study more, but they want to know how the earth go round. They just want to do something for something because they want to sure that they have influence, even big influence on maybe the society or their family.

But the answer I heard most is for themselves.

Nevertheless, compare to those who work after  graduation, people who study abroad now let me think that studying abroad is just an excuse to stay in school for them, because many people who study MS program just owing to they are afraid to work.

The funning thing is, I will go abroad for MS program too.







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